My Journey

Before I became “Coach Kim” or ever authored and signed my first book, I had a passion to help others live life well. My journey to health and wellness began with my family.

When my older adopted sister was diagnosed with stomach cancer, I learned about the dynamics of the digestive system and how to purée and juice.

My father was diagnosed with HIV, diabetes and high blood pressure, this is what caused me to investigate and learn the power of food, nutrition and how to meal prep.

Another family member of mine was diagnosed with asthma and epilepsy, which steered me towards the beauty and benefits of cleansing and when it’s most effective for healing.

Later in life, my mother was diagnosed with cancer and given only two months to live. With lots of love, faith, family and meals that heal those two months turned into two years.

I am in love with cheering people on to live life well through faith, food and fitness.

I would love to help you on your journey. Learn more about wellness coaching here!

Photo of Kim L. Allen outdoors in a spring garden

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