The Nerve of You!

How DARE you make the connection!

Doing*Amazing *Routines *Empowers one to Live Life Well. The two-way connection between the brain and belly relationship is getting a huge amount of research and investigation but it is already clear that it has a vitally important role in our general health and well-being. I must admit it’s been a bit more of a challenge to maintain mental well-being lately. Yup! Mrs. Keep It Moving said it.

​Navigating through certain life events with and most definitely without support might be different and difficult. Adapting to what you see and hear can sometime impact how you feel on many levels.

​First, allow me to invite you to a Mind Gut Summit I am featured in with 14 other experts that share lots of experience and education on this topic. I’ll include the link below.

Friday October 23rd – Mind Gut Summit

​When you click, view, share and upgrade your engagement you will receive so many benefits and protocols to help you optimize well-being in this new norm. You will also help me spread my influence as they are tracking all who visits this summit and upgrades based on my community participation. That presents more opportunities for us to get our message out there.

Second, I’m going to share a secret here . Food really does impact mood! The nutrients in what we eat helps treat and has a profound effect on not only our physical health but also our mental well-being.

​The vagus nerve, is one of the biggest nerves connecting the gut and the brain, with signals running both ways. There are studies that suggest that stress inhibits the signals that are sent through the vagus nerve and that this can then cause gastrointestinal problems. Neurotransmitters are chemicals that connect the gut and the brain. A large amount of the neurotransmitter serotonin is produced in the gut and it is this chemical that contributes to feelings of happiness.

So, the last two months, I increased some happy foods, dealt with how I felt and added more determination, weights and breath work. I shared some others in the summit, but I’ll give my community this small thing that exercises and massage and sparks the Vagus nerve every day and it’s in a routine we should already be doing. Gargling! We gargle our mouthwash, remember not to rush with that. Get into it. Gargle your healing water when sipping it.

Maybe even your lukewarm water you drink throughout the day, but put this routine into practice and feel your happy rise! See you for the next summit I’m featured in.

November 10-13 – Messengers Summit (Save-The-Date)

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