Our cells play a major role in our journey to healing. 

❤️‍🩹 They absorb + take in all toxins, bacteria, and viruses.  Repairing and Rejuvenating our Cells is vital! 

Our cells are made up of every system we have in our body on a smaller scale.

So just like us they have a digestive system 💩 , circulatory system, and nervous system. ( & so on) 🤔. Remember 💪🏾 CTS Cells make tissues, tissues make organs, organs make systems . 

With any compromise, disorder, disturbance or dis-ease, you must help clean your body at a cellular level! It’s more than just cleaning out the digestive system. It’s about repairing our cells so we can live life well!  DM me to be apart of my close friends .

Fasting 💦 can be the quickest way to replenish your entire body as it works to flush out WASTE (not weight) & repair your cells. * 12 hours into your fast your body goes into ketosis which helps the body remove waste from the body in the fat storage. 

💡 the key to removing any dis-ease is removing the waste while getting rid of damaged cells . 

Fun fact: Did you know that our cells are cleaned and renewed through our “immune system” a.k.a lymphatic system. 

Consult & Cleanse with Dr. Kim by clicking link below.


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