The Power of Positivity

Did you know there are 7 positive emotions that benefit the heart? 1. Positive Perspectives actually, lower your risk of heart attacks 2. Holding hands calms nerves 3. Writing letters of love, journaling gratitude, or acknowledgments  has been proven to lower high cholesterol levels 4. Laughter is like medicine and allows blood to flow freely, impacting theContinue reading “The Power of Positivity”

You Are Not Alone

So grateful for our peace in the midst of panic, pandemic. Let’s first of all reclaim our peace and prepare for the virus and what’s ahead. Unfortunately, media hype is not supported by facts, science or scripture, it’s fear driven. You are not alone. We are focusing on facts and faith to fortify you atContinue reading “You Are Not Alone”

Trauma Test and Triumphs

Life events can be sobering. We mourn when sudden things happen like unexpected death that can leave a community stunned. Although talking about something traumatic or painful or how you feel can be overwhelming at first, the first step to healing after something traumatic is to talk about. Here are a few suggestions if youContinue reading “Trauma Test and Triumphs”

My Journey

Before I became “Coach Kim” or ever authored and signed my first book, I had a passion to help others live life well. My journey to health and wellness began with my family. When my older adopted sister was diagnosed with stomach cancer, I learned about the dynamics of the digestive system and how toContinue reading “My Journey”