Live Life Well

As medicine and people explore more holistic and less-invasive options to heal, there has never been a better time to live life well, with high energy and renewed body, soul and spirit.

Oh, how time flies… Somewhere along the line we stopped cooking whole, healthy foods and started eating foods that are convenient, “comforting,” acidic and quite addictive.

I’m committed to teaching techniques to transition you into a better and healthier lifestyle! Once you set your intentions and we get mentally prepared we are ready to make meals help your body work at optimal levels.

We will add nutrient dense, Alkaline, plant-based choices to enhance the ease and effectiveness of your transition so you can be focused, vibrant, happy and healthy.

The best meals are prepared from scratch, but healthy doesn’t have to be hard with me holding your hand. I will show you how to set up and systemize your meal prep to create delicious and nutritious food that strengthens and supports the systems of the body.

You will improve you and your loved one’s well-being, and we will get better together.


• Confidence in the kitchen

• How to shop for groceries

• How to organize your kitchen

• Meal planning

• New recipes and how to execute them


• More than 80 recipes for food with flavor
• Private community access to celebrate your wins and ask questions via Facebook and the Keep it Moving Wellness App
• Instructional technique videos including meal prep and cooking demos for whole food, plant-based meals that heal
• Access to online events

“The body becomes what the foods are. As the spirit becomes what the thoughts are.” —Ancient Kemetic Proverb

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