Photo of Kim Allen, digestive wellness coach, surrounded by words like "healthy, tenacious, friend, pastor"

Your Digestive Wellness Coach

You and your body are truly amazing! I help teach people how to enjoy better digestive health with a fun formula of faith, food and fitness.

After experiencing a digestive and neurological disorder I learned early how to decode my digestive system by satisfying my taste buds, syncing my body’s time cycles with the nutrients my body needed. Once I was able to maintain balanced pH levels and harmonious hormones throughout my body, I enjoyed living well, inside and out.

I’ve devoted decades to wellness and partnered with clients to heal, rebuild and renew many digestive woes, making sure that the best conditions exist to create the most remarkable results, reinvigorating vibrant health!

Let’s see how we can team up to transition your taste buds for transformation and how to do all of this while creating stronger, happier relationships with family, friends and most importantly, yourself, so you can live life well!

Download Kim’s Live Life Well app for Android and iPhone!

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