Perfect Time to Detox!

This is a perfect time to Detox and Yes! There is a difference between a detox and cleanse. Detoxing is great after binges (drinking, thinking or eating). Detox and cleanse diets are best used under different circumstances or with different goals in mind. This is because detoxes and cleanses have distinct diet protocols, with different aims and purposes.

Detoxing is like a intervention and interruption to bring in new order to the spirit, soul and body. Detox is also aimed at improving the health of two main organs: the kidneys and the liver. Detox protocols can be done through the use of detox drinks, detox diets, detox smoothies, detox waters, detox teas, detox people, detox places, detox things and many more.

When we support the liver and kidneys it makes it easier for the organs to detox the body. It’ll improve the speed and effectiveness of the two organs in clearing the body of harmful chemicals and breaking them down that can cause harm if they build up in excessive amounts. 

The liver has over 500 functions and control the health and flow of our blood. Kidney remove waste and access fluid build up. Both organs help us prevent Dis-Ease. We will discuss cleansing soon so stay tuned.

Do you desire to reboot your health in seven days with a detox included? Click here for my signature program.

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